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Killing the Killed | Kill Refurb Marry

Well, we took a small break last month from KILL REFURB MARRY just to prep for this one… kind of. I’m not cramming and don’t this the night before. Nope. Not me. Not Estelle. Now if you are asking how do you kill extinct attractions at your favorite Disney theme park… you’re at the right… Continue reading Killing the Killed | Kill Refurb Marry

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The Beloved Sidekick | Kill Refurb Marry

Kill Refurb Marry Day is always a good day. I like this subject a lot. I crowd-sourced a bit on Twitter before I wrote this and reasons why people love sidekicks seem to range from loving the actor who voiced them to remembering those feel-good characters.Which sidekick would you want for your best friend and which… Continue reading The Beloved Sidekick | Kill Refurb Marry

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Charge It, American Express | Muppet Monday

This is the week I am always my most anxious. All my bills seemed to be due around the 10th, and it’s a headache. It really is. But I checked all of that off the list (sigh), settled down for some nighttime TV with James, and one of my credit card companies surprised me with… Continue reading Charge It, American Express | Muppet Monday

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Celebrating 30 WDW Favorites

Well, we all have to turn thirty sometimes. Right? RIGHT? Ahem. I’m well-rested from an extended trip to Orlando (thanks to “blizzard” Juno)… even a week later. So I say that’s a pretty good trip, huh? I plan on talking about my November and January trips super soon (I’m going to stretch out these recaps… Continue reading Celebrating 30 WDW Favorites