About This Blog

“To all who come to this happy place: welcome.”

This Happy Place Blog is a writing project that was launched in July of 2011 by Estelle and Michelle. Friends from college, both wanted to collaborate on their shared love/enthusiasm/obsession of writing and anything Disney related. THP was home to Muppet Mondays, Walt Wednesdays, features on Disney in New York, animation, and various trip reports from our time spent in Walt Disney World.

As of February of 2012, THP is currently run by Estelle and continues to feature Muppet Mondays, the search for anything Disney-like in New York (with emphasis on Disney Theatrical Productions), and just about anything that falls under the realm of Disney (music, books, travel trips, etc.). Estelle enjoys infusing her interests (reading, fashion, gossip, shopping, Jim Henson) into THP; nothing is off limits!

Here are a few top examples of what makes THP THP:

The possibilities are endless, especially as we welcome guest writers into the mix. As of 2014, THP has been home to just about 30 contributors!

THP hopes to be your go-to stop for creative and original content, smart writing, and an exciting distraction to pass the time until your next trip!

Layout & graphics by Cindy Pepper.
THP is in no way affiliated with The Disney Company or The Jim Henson Company.

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