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Countdown to the Weekend: 10/19/2012

This Happy Place Blog

Whew. Gotta say… that was a pretty slow week for me. Definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend! But first, a handful of my favorite stories from the week —

Nick from Disleelandia sneaks a vintage Mickey Vinylmation into EPCOT! (Scandal!)

I love sharing in Kelly’s Disney adventures, as a new Orlando resident! This time she visits Magic Kingdom!

Ryan at Main St. Gazette dreams up the possibilities for Epcot’s Character Spot (due for a revamp soon).

Check out Rich’s photography skills from when he was a wee boy. Mouse Troop has a little Mr. Toad for ya.

Such a fun and comprehensive post by Keith at The Disney Project who attended the recent Tahitian Terrace event at Disneyland.

Proof of just how Figment and Dreamfinder inspired Passport to Dreams of Old & New. Couldn’t get enough of this one.

Such an adorable post over at Sparkley Ever After when Nicole meets a very stylish Minnie!

Loving Melissa’s recaps from her recent WDW trip — she meets some awesome friends in this post!

thanks again for stopping in and visiting this happy place blog, friends! happy weekend!

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