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Countdown to the Weekend: 6/15/2012

Well, it’s been a long week adjusting from the above view back to my computer at work, but here I am. Reality, ain’t it grand? Hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous weekend and enjoy any Father’s Day celebrations you are planning! (Hi Dad! Thanks for reading!)

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the week: (BELIEVE me I had a lot to catch up on!)

> Not surprising that Sarah of Running at Disney wrote a rave review of Tutto Gusto for her Friday Feast series.
> To celebrate Hollywood Studios Awareness week, I’m wearing this Tower of Terror ensemble all weekend!
> Disney + cupcakes = Estelle heaven. Check out this awesome cupcake poster by Pinch of Pixie Dust (LOVE this blog!)
> I love when my blog reading worlds cross paths! My dear Mrs. Rainbow, FL resident, visits EPCOT.
> Still trying to figure out what my office would do if I came in wearing one of these brilliant EPCOT designs by the uber-talented Morgan…
> Can always depend on the Hipsters to have great ideas … what to do while you’re NOT at Cars Land (waiting 6 hellish hours for an attraction).  P.S. Have you tried out their podcast yet? What a lovely surprise to come home to!

Can’t forget about Hollywood Studios Awareness Week hosted by Matt at Studios Central. Stay up to date with all the contributions by clicking here!

Happy reading!

Stay tuned next week for some cruisin’ recaps!

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