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Countdown to the Weekend: 4/20/2012

Happy Friday afternoon, guys! Hope you all had a speedy week and have a fun weekend coming up! (I really don’t think anything is going to top the Muppets at Carnegie Hall though… I’m going to try!)

Animal Kingdom Apprecation:

> Melissa at Makin Memories shares more of her LIVE pictures from her time spent in Animal Kingdom. (She will also be hosting an upcoming Animal Kingdom Apprecation week.)
> Disney Parks Blog celebrates AK’s 14th birthday by sharing a time lapse video of the Tree of Life construction.
> Disney on Wheels will also be celebrating AK’s 14th by dedicating a week to wild posts!
Other fun reads:

> Disney By Mark shares the hilariously amazing Muppet Show picture video!
> More details about the upcoming Muppet movie from Muppet Mindset!
> Zannaland has all the 411 (isn’t that the Disney Channel line from oh-so-long-ago) on all things (now I’m just copying) Little Orange Bird! Welcome back, little guy! (Disney 3-6-5! Okay, I’m done now.)
> The Disney Tourist Blog is corrupting my wallet… with their list of favorite Disney Theme Park books!
> Sometimes plans change, just ask DVCMom and how she remains flexible when life throws a curveball.
> Gotta love these from Magic Kingdom photo updates from John at The Disney Blog. Feels like I’m there!

Enjoy the downtime this weekend! See you on Monday!

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