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Best with Coffee (Fav Blog Spots) on a Monday

And here we are at Monday morning once again. And even worse, a Monday morning after  (for some of us?) a long holiday weekend. Michelle & I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving if you celebrated, your weekend, and are looking forward to a productive, happy (and speedy) week! Here are a few of the blogs that caught our eye over the last week. Enjoy!

Perfectly timed with the release of The Muppets Imagineering Disney posted some awesome pictures of the originals Muppeteering!

A very informative New York Times article about The Muppets and Walter!

The Disney Wedding blog shares a wedding at the Jim Henson Studios. Are you sensing a trend yet?

I don’t know about you but Estelle loses sleep over the kind of beers the Muppets must drink. Check out what one blogger thought here.

And because the Hipsters are all-together awesome, two of their posts were placed into my favorite pile this week. A Thanksgiving dinner in WDW and some awesome princess drawings. (Could you not see these on t-shirts?)

Who doesn’t want to have a date night with our friend Anthony? This time he watches Sleeping Beauty.

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